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Showcasing creations of designers and artisans of India

Bona Buni = colloquial word in Bengali (Indian language) meaning ‘weaving’ or ‘knitting’

As you look for unique, handcrafted items in our boutique, you will also find the stories of the artisans woven together with the fabrics they weave.


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All our products are ethically sourced, and handcrafted by talented artisans who celebrate and preserve the rich craftsmanship tradition of India. As you discover the process of making these beautiful handcrafted items, you also get to read the stories of those who make them.

This is a different kind of ‘Made in India’. You have probably seen many a clothing item from big fashion companies with the tag ‘Made in India’. Sadly, such clothes are more often than not made in factories which employ people in unsafe and inappropriate working conditions. Bona Buni, however, is among those that are changing the fashion game.

All products displayed in our boutique are carefully curated from selected suppliers, who employ artisans with safe working conditions and fair wages that help support their families, escape the vicious cycle of poverty and vulnerabilty, and support their children’s education. There is no child labour employed or mass production methods followed.

Each of our products follows a slow production schedule, focusing on details and preserving art forms such as region-specific embroidery styles. They are also made out of natural dyes or AZO free dyes, thus there is no use of toxic chemicals. Many of our products are in fact zero waste and upcycled. We present Indian designers committed to ethical and sustainable fashion to you. We bring high quality, beautiful products to you. Products that make you stand out among the crowd and let you do your part in respecting the people, crafts and environment.

Read our Artisans section for stories on the people who made our products and the art form that was used.

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