About Bona Buni

Bona Buni is a 'slow fashion' boutique which tells stories, with unique products from India. Ethically sourced and made from sustainable material and traditional art forms, the artisans and the art they create take centre stage. Clothes and jewellery displayed in our boutique are carefully curated from selected suppliers, who employ artisans with safe working conditions and fair wages that help support their families, escape the vicious cycle of poverty and vulnerabilty, and send kids to school.

There is no child labour employed or mass production methods followed. Each of our products follows a slow production schedule, focusing on details and preserving art forms such as region-specific embroidery styles. Many of our products are in fact zero waste. We want to present young, upcoming, as well as well-established Indian designers to you. We want to bring high quality beautiful products to you. Products that make you stand out among the crowd.

Read our Artisans section for stories on the people who made our products and the art form that was used.


A Word from Founder Paushali

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Hi, so glad you stopped by. I’m Paushali, a mompreneuer (“mom” + “entrepreneneur”), based in Düsseldorf, Germany, the city which has become my '“home” for years now. I originally come from India. Born in Kolkata - a city rooted deep into culture and art, spending teenage years in New Delhi - the bustling, dynamic capital city of India, I left India when I left my teens. With many wonderful years spent in beautiful Scotland, I arrived in Germany following love and marriage:) and have lived a significant part of my life here (Germany). With some years also spent in Singapore, my family and I have had the privilege of meeting and appreciating different cultures and their people. Despite my ‘wings’, I am very appreciative of my roots which are from India - a country with rich heritage of arts and crafts.

On a trip to India not long ago, I once again realised what a beautiful country India is - its people, the women and the clothes they wear. There are so many talented artisans - yet, many have no opportunity to practise their talents because they might have to do very different jobs just to provide basic living for their families. Or fast-paced factory produced clothes hardly leave room for nurturing their craftsmanship. These artisans’ children often cannot attend school because they may simply not have had the opportunity, as their lives are often all about just surviving. I know I cannot change the entire world but hopefully, by starting a venture which helps support communities and gives their people dignity and respect, I can at least start a thought movement. When we wear clothes we think of the people who made our clothes. We think of distant lands and how people live there. How what we buy, does have an impact on someone else’s life. In a good way or bad…

Through Bona Buni, I want to present the rich craftsmanship of my original home country and give a glimpse of the people of the land. My business highly values respect and dignity of those who make the clothes and jewellery. As a customer, you know that each piece you buy from us was carefully selected, designed by creative women, and produced ethically and sustainably. This gives you the confidence of not only looking great, but knowing that you are doing your part in influencing the world around you positively, one fashion piece at a time.

team - ‘angels’ and partners

Without these exceptional women, the business venture of Bona Buni would not stand!

Karen van Antwerp - Marketing Angel

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Karen is a sweet, kind hearted lady who is always looking for ways to support other women. A former model from Detroit, USA, Karen has lived in the US, UK as well as in Tokyo and Paris before making her home in the Düsseldorf area of Germany. With a long, impressive background in serving on several boards and non profits as varied as art museums and hospice centres, Karen is always looking for ways to support and encourage other women. She helps Bona Buni in the area of Marketing and Social Media.

Natalie Green - Strategy Angel


Originally from New Zealand, Natalie has owned and operated her own small business. Her previous experience with Startups coupled with her strong social conscience make her an ideal angel for Bona Buni. She helps us with strategy and business development.

PS: Natalie not only has an analytical mind but a great fashion sense too:)

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